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Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Biotin Anti-rat CD11b/c Antibody     Product Data Sheet (PDF)    
Biotin Anti-rat CD11b/c Antibody
1609015 100 µg $125.00       
Clone: OX-42
Isotype: Mouse IgG2a, κ
Reactivity: Rat
Immunogen: Rat peritoneal macrophages.
Formulation: Phosphate-buffered solution, pH 7.2, containing 0.09% sodium azide.
Preparation: The antibody was purified by affinity chromatography, and conjugated with biotin under optimal conditions. The solution is free of unconjugated biotin.
Concentration: 0.5 mg/ml
Storage & Handling: The antibody solution should be stored undiluted between 2°C and 8°C. Do not freeze.

FC - Quality tested

Application Notes:

Additional reported applications (for the relevant formats) include: immunohistochemistry of acetone-fixed frozen sections1,2, immunoprecipitation3, in vivo and in vitro blocking of C3bi binding3,4.

Recommended Usage:

Each lot of this antibody is quality control tested by immunofluorescent staining with flow cytometric analysis. For flow cytometric staining, the suggested use of this reagent is ≤0.25 µg per million cells in 100 µl volume. It is recommended that the reagent be titrated for optimal performance for each application.

Application References:

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LOU rat bone marrow cells

LOU rat bone marrow cells stained with biotinylated OX-42, followed by Sav-PE (gated on myeloid cells)

LOU rat splenocytes stained with

LOU rat splenocytes stained with biotinylated OX-42, followed by Sav-PE


The OX-42 antibody reacts with the CR3 complement (C3bi) receptor expressed on monocytes, granulocytes, macrophages, dendritic cells, NK cells, and a subset of lymphocytes. This antibody appears to recognize a common epitope shared between CD11b and CD11c (integrin αM and αX chains). The OX-42 antibody precipitates three polypeptides with apparent molecular weights of 160, 103, and 95 kD, respectively. This antibody has been shown to block the formation of complement-mediated rosettes and leukocyte migration.

Other Names: Rat C3bi receptor, Rat CR3 complement receptor, ITGAM, ITGAX
Structure: Integrin family member
Distribution: Monocytes, granulocytes, macrophages, dendritic cells
Function: Receptor for C3bi
Ligand Receptor: Complement C3bi
Antigen References:

1. Robinson AP, et al. 1986. Immunology 57:239.
2. Barcaly AN. 1981 Immunology 42:593.