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Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Biotin Anti-mouse MAdCAM-1 Antibody     Product Data Sheet (PDF)    
Biotin Anti-mouse MAdCAM-1 Antibody
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1203530 500 µg $235.00       
Clone: MECA-367
Isotype: Rat IgG2a, κ
Reactivity: Mouse
Immunogen: Endothelial cells
Formulation: Phosphate-buffered solution, pH 7.2, containing 0.09% sodium azide.
Preparation: The antibody was purified by affinity chromatography, and conjugated with biotin under optimal conditions. The solution is free of unconjugated biotin.
Concentration: 0.5 mg/ml
Storage & Handling: The antibody solution should be stored undiluted between 2°C and 8°C. Do not freeze.

FC - Quality tested

Application Notes:

Additional reported applications (for the relevant formats) include: in vitro and in vivo blocking of lymphocyte adhesion and in vivo blocking of lymphocyte homing1-4,7, immunohistochemical staining1,5,6 of acetone-fixed frozen sections, immunoprecipitation, and Western blotting1.

Recommended Usage: Each lot of this antibody is quality control tested by immunofluorescent staining with flow cytometric analysis. For flow cytometric staining, the suggested use of this reagent is ≤0.25 µg per million cells in 100 µl volume. It is recommended that the reagent be titrated for optimal performance for each application.
Application References: 1. Streeter PR, et al. 1988. Nature 331:41.
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7. Rivera-Nieves J, et al. 2005. J. Immunol. 174:2343.
TNF-a-stimulated bEND.3 cells stained with

TNF-a-stimulated bEND.3 cells stained with MECA-367 biotin, followed by Sav-PE

Description: MAdCAM-1 is a 58-66kD type I glycoprotein, also known as Mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule-1. This mucosal vascular addressin is a member of the Ig superfamily found on fetus and neonatal endothelial cells. In adults, MAdCAM-1 is predominately expressed on high endothelial venule (HEV) of Peyer's patches, mesenteric lymph nodes and gut lamina propria. It is also expressed on vascular endothelium in mammary glands and pancreas. MAdCAM-1, through its interaction with integrin α4β7 or CD62L, is involved in lymphocyte tethering, rolling, and homing. It has been reported that immobilized MAdCAM-1 is able to co-stimulate T cell proliferation. The MECA-367 antibody blocks the interaction of MAdCAM-1 with its counter-receptor both in vitro and in vivo. In vivo administration of the mAb is able to reduce T-cell mediated inflammation in some gastrointestinal diseases.
Other Names: Mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule-1
Structure: Type I glycoprotein, Ig superfamily
Distribution: HEV of mucosal lymphoid organ and lamina propia, endothelial cells in mammary glands and pancreas
Function: Lymphocyte tethering, rolling and homing, costimulate T cell proliferatioon
Ligand Receptor: Integrin a4ß7, CD62L
Antigen References: 1. Streeter PR, et al. 1988. Nature 331:41
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